I am Jessika Darkstar. I am pursuing a career as a Producer for Video Games, Animation and Visual Effects. One of the reasons I decided to pursue this career is because I have always wanted to be an animator ever since I discovered Anime in the late 90s and my first anime was Galaxy Express 999. Even though my original dream was to become an animator, my dream has evolved through time, experience and learning more about my strengths and what makes me happy.

When Mrs. Gomes crowned me the Next George Lucas in 8th Grade History Class, I never imagined the possibility of that becoming true. I thought I would be an author who shared my world through my published books. Now, I’m working on scripts, pitches, expanding my knowledge and collecting skill sets like badges of honor. I like to dabble with my creative side at my own molasses pace, but I’m better at pitching, planning, scheduling, budgeting, and maintaining workflow on projects.

I discovered in the long run that I thrive best as a leader. I have strong communication skills, and I enjoy influencing other artists to strive to be the best in the industry and deliver quality films, shows, video games and animations. I hope one day I can be in charge of your team and turn all our dreams into reality!

Branding Statements

“ I can't wait to see some of their original works on the screen someday.”

Sasha Korellis

“If you dream it up, they will make it happen.”

Brian Patrick Gill

“They will be the Next Walt Disney.”

Diana Coco-Russel’s

History of Animation Class

"Their ambition is immeasurable."

Catherine Tate

"They radiates their passion."

Anje Blackswan

Let's build something great together.

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